Questions about Internships/Work Experience / Theses / Student Traineeships

Here you will find a selection of frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers.

1. In which fields can I complete an internship/work experience at DEUTZ?

You can complete an internship/work experience both in the commercial and technical divisions of the company.

2. How long should an internship/work experience last?

An internship/work experience for schoolchildren lasts 2 to 3 weeks.

An internship/work experience for students lasts 6 weeks to 6 months, depending on during which phase of study the internship/work experience is completed.

3. When should I apply for an internship/work experience or thesis?

For an internship/work experience you should apply 3 months in advance. If you want to write a thesis for us, you should submit your application 4 to 5 months beforehand.

4. Does DEUTZ AG pay for internships/work experience?

Internships/work experience for schoolchildren and basic technical internships/work experience are not paid for. Advanced internships/work experience lasting several weeks and completed during academic studies is/are paid for by DEUTZ.

5. Where can I apply if I am interested in an internship/work experience abroad?

For foreign internships/work experience you should contact our colleagues at the foreign location concerned directly.

6. Can I also complete an internship/work experience for schoolchildren?

Yes, DEUTZ AG offers schoolchildren the opportunity to learn more about different professions during an internship/work experience lasting 2 to 3 weeks and obtain an initial insight into the world of work.

7. Who can I contact for further information?

For further information please contact Ms Kossmann (Contact)