DEUTZ Hybrid Drive

Technology project “Green Industrial Diesel”


Hybrid system with electrical swing drive to recuperate kinetic energy of the decelerating upper carriage.

Electrical on-board power network combining Integrated Motor Generator, SuperCap Pack and Electrical Swing Drive.

Significant reduction of fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

Automatic start/ stop – avoiding idle operations without load; engine starts automatically uponload request.

Power boost of the Integrated Motor Generator – higher system dynamics during peak loads.

DEUTZ Hybrid Drive.pdf


A DEUTZ AG technology project with Atlas Weyhausen and Linde Hydraulics.

Capability of the system integration of a diesel engine and hydraulic system.

Proficient optimisation and system integration of a diesel engine and unit hydraulic system creates a “hybrid diesel-hydraulic drive solution”, which offers significant benefits in terms of machine performance and fuel consumption in construction machinery.

In this kind of diesel-hydraulic hybrid system, a special hydraulic accumulator takes the place of an energy storage system. Using intelligent system optimisation and an electronic control system, surplus energy from the hydraulic system, for example when braking or lowering a load, can be cached in a pressure tank. In the subsequent step, the electronic control system activates the pressure tank and thus provides immediate hydraulic performance, which the diesel engine

then discharges during operation. As well as significant increases in machine performance, fuel consumption savings of up to 20% can be achieved, depending on usage and load cycle.

DEUTZ Start-Stop Hybridisation.pdf