Xchange Products

A new life for old engines – a service which engine manufacturers all over the world have always offered by the name of “general Overhaul” or “replacement engine” as a customer service. DEUTZ also confronts the passive philosophy of single use with an active and sustainable philosophy of re-use; this saves resources without putting you the customer at a disadvantage. On the contrary, Xchange engines and parts are often the more reasonable, faster, more economical and environmentally friendlier alternative.


DEUTZ Xchange engines and parts are equivalent to the original in all aspects; this also applies to engines and parts for which series production was discontinued years ago. Compatibility and the legendary DEUTZ quality are at the forefront of all Xchange components. They ensure that the full performance capability and reliability is achieved even after an overhaul. Even the guarantee we give you is equivalent to that of a new engine.

You get a detailed offer before every overhaul and thus a reliable basis on which to make the most favourable economical decision.

If you choose an Xchange engine, we have created optimum conditions at our Chiemsee factory to give your engine a new lease of life.

All engines are dismantled, the parts cleaned, analysed and repaired or replaced. Then they have to prove that they are equal to a new engine in all criteria on our modern
engine test rig.


Each of our Xchange engines benefits from the latest technical progress because:


  • all wearable parts are renewed
  • every engine is brought up to the state-of-the-art
  • every one of them has the same reliability, life and guarantee as a new engine
  • every engine not only retains its exhaust certificate but
    can often achieve an even higher exhaust stage with little effort.

All the components which are free of faults are re-used in DEUTZ Xchange engines. They therefore require much less raw materials and energy than new engines, an important criterion in the current economic climate.

For you the customer, choosing an Xchange engine in any case means shorter downtimes and lower investment costs because we buy your old engine and dispose of it for you.

Of course all DEUTZ Xchange parts are processed according to these strict quality criteria and have the same function parameters as new parts.

In the decision between repair, overhaul and investment in a new product, DEUTZ Xchange engines and parts will become an increasingly attractive alternative because an XchangeDEUTZ is also a genuine DEUTZ.



Our current Xchange product range


  • Replacement engines
  • Governors
  • Injection pumps / High-pressure pumps for CR
  • Injection valves
  • Generators
  • Starters
  • Compressors
  • Turbochargers
  • Water pumps
  • Cylinder heads